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13 hours ago

EndoActive Australia & NZ

Wooohooooo!!!!! 💫⭐️🌟✨💫⭐️🌟✨ Ceeeee le brate good times COME ON! (It’s a celebration) 🌈⚡️😄🍾
Pelvic Pain Foundation of Australia CONGRATULATIONS AND THANK YOU! ❤️
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How awesome Sarah Hill

Can’t wait for this to be Australia wide! I am a teacher in Tasmania and would love to be involved in this 💛

This is amazing and genuinely will make a difference to the lives of so many girls 💛💛💛

This literally brought tears to my eyes - education is key!

Congratulations PPFA and all involved.

Phenomenal news, just wonderful 🤩🤩🎉🎉

This is amazing! Could have saved me a decade of missing out on treatment, had I known more, and been less embarrassed about symptoms. High time we demystified periods, and learn what’s ‘normal’ and what’s a medical condition from a young age. Hope this helps many young women now and in the future.

YAAASSSSSS!! 😍😍 Thank you to not only you guys but everyone involved ❤❤❤

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Turn on SBS INSIGHT now!! Xxx ... See MoreSee Less

Turn on SBS INSIGHT now!! Xxx


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👏Thank you SBS Insight for making some of the population aware . Sarah Berry SA plolice officer 👮‍♂️ you are a HERO. So many women are told it’s all in their head. Go see a psychologist is a cop out that should never happen. Well done you for setting the precedent.... Hero status

This was an amazing opportunity for Endometriosis Awareness. I'd like to see another one where we ask the tougher questions to politicians, doctors and researchers about what the future holds for the management and prevention for future generations. We had a win tonight and this is a huge step for us. Let's keep fighting, Endo sisters 💪

Excellent show. Crying because I’m not alone and crying because of the destruction this insidious disease has impacted on so many women. Let’s find a bloody cure!

That was so hard to watch. I was bawling the whole hour. I'm so glad that the awareness is out there. Now hopefully the specialists will catch up 🤞

I thought it was great and could really relate, but man it made me angry

I am literally resonating with every single story they’re telling - endo sucks! But feeling blessed that the word is getting out and money is being funded into research.

It was shocking to learn that it is as common as asthma and diabetes, but endo is not known by those who aren’t diagnosed it 😞 thanks for inviting me to the group my endo sis-Katharine Stubbs

I was in an ambulance screaming in pain with a possible ruptured cyst/endometrioma when it was airing. I’d even got popcorn ready and everything. I’ve just been discharged but am excited to watch the replay tomorrow. 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

Watching with tears in my eyes! So many similarities to what I've been through, endo is the worst! Thank you for shining a light on our stories!

Wow. Nice to know we are not alone. I am now on vissane and have found it to make difference just hope my daughters don't have to go through this.

Louise Zappala you have to watch this

www.sbs.com.au/news/insight/tvepisode/endometriosis the SBS on demand link for when it goes live after the broadcast (21:30 AEST)

Great that this was on tonight! I definitely had a few quiet tears. It is a disease that sucks and sadly we have to keep pushing for more answers and help. But hopefully with more and more awareness we can ease our symptoms

So important for people to know-if only had heard about this when I was younger-would have saved extra heartache

Is it already on on demand? Want to watch is as soon as we get the kids to bed.

Wow .... amazing watching something like this when you feel like that are talking about your own story. So many tears right now. So good to see awareness is getting out there and people are talking about endo

I sat and watched the show with my husband on catch up and even he was brought to tears. Putting my experience into perspective made it all the more real. I do my best to educate my family and friends about this and finally I have a “commercial” resource to send them to. This aught to convince them right?

My daughter suffers such pain from endo just like I did. The genetic link has touched 4 generations of my family. My grandmother and aunt never knew the cause of their pain or their difficulties conceiving, but fortunately they did have children. The wonderful gathering of women and men in the Insight show who shared their life stories are to be commended as they make us feel that we are not alone. My daughter created, wrote and performed a 10 minute piece for her drama course at WAAPA earlier this year about endo. Her wish was to inform others about the many facets that is endometriosis so that more people understand what sufferers go through. It was a very brave topic to choose because she dared to expose her difficulties in a very public way, but she was rewarded with wonderful support from her co-performers and friends.

Recorded ready to watch tonight... feeling a little cautious💛💪🏼

What an eye opener! I am feeling not so alone as I am sure many of us have felt. A huge ‘well done’ to all of those involved in the campaign for more awareness of endo. Let’s hope some more funding goes towards diagnosing and treating endo!

Brave honest women last night

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2 days ago

EndoActive Australia & NZ

TONIGHT!! SBS Insight. 8:30pm AEDT. If you're overseas or miss the show, catch up online via SBS On Demand from Wednesday ❤️ Syl

After suffering through years of severe period pain, Shadae was diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis at the age of 32.

On Tuesday find out why we still know so little about the disease: http://bit.ly/2zjAxdB
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Tamika I’m recording this 👍

Deborah Bush

Emily Kellow

Laura Kleiman

Cherry Barnes worth a watch hun

Brian Terry remind me to watch this tonight!

Lisa Wade McGirr

Daena apparently you'll be able to watch it online!

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SET YOUR REMINDERS, PEOPLE!! TOMORROW NIGHT! ❤️⏰❤️⏰❤️⏰❤️⏰❤️⏰❤️⏰❤️⏰❤️⏰❤️⏰❤️⏰❤️⏰😍 ... See MoreSee Less

SET YOUR REMINDERS, PEOPLE!! TOMORROW NIGHT! ❤️⏰❤️⏰❤️⏰❤️⏰❤️⏰❤️⏰❤️⏰❤️⏰❤️⏰❤️⏰❤️⏰😍


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Kirsty Zi are you free tonight? We can watch this

Kelly Harding Jasmina Drew

Jenni Devereaux

Carolyn Sanderson

Georgia Harvey tomorrow night

Jessica Chambers x

Kerrie Gilmour

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1 week ago

EndoActive Australia & NZ

Morning EndoActivists, here's the promo for SBS INSIGHT's feature on #endometriosis!!! It goes to air next Tuesday at 8:30pm (AEDT). November 20. Make sure you tune in!

In case you miss it, you can catch up online through SBS On Demand.

We can't wait for this momentous occasion! Has there even been a one hour feature focusing entirely on #endo on Australian TV?
This may be an Australian first! It couldn't be a world first... could it? Either way, this is hugely exciting.

Syl xx ❤️

Next week on Insight we ask: What is endometriosis, and why do we still know so little about it?

Endometriosis: http://bit.ly/2zjAxdB
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It's also after diagnosis too. My daughter was told by top Gynaecologists that she couldn't possibly have her endometriosis back in under 5 years.... when she had her surgery it was back again. Girls and women are still being treated as hypochondriacs, as drug seekers, and ignored and looked down on. I have had women who have had babies say that it is as bad as childbirth. Why are these girls still being treated so badly and left in terrible pain.?

The amount of times I was rushed/ taken to hospital to be told by doctors that “I’m constipated” , I’ve lost count. I can’t wait to watch this.

Lee-Ann Obst that time the doctor told me it was “just food poisoning” and then I had to have emergency surgery that night 😅😂

I wish I could’ve been a part of this. Like all these women my journey with Endometriosis spans some 18 years. A very real, isolating and debilitating disease which affects every aspect of our lives. I’m unbelievably grateful to see this being televised.


Rose Gardenia 👏👏

Caitlyn Luise 😘

Sarah Kukwa Jen Eaton

Cesca Zieschank Sheryl Head

Courtney Dale Rose McNamara

Melissa Bella Thorpe Purdy O'Connor

Joan Vogt

Ashlee KC

Lauren Loz

Brooke Smith

Nicholas Crouchley

Olivia Walsh

Alisha Sanderson

Jaime Gray

Hannah Croston

Karen Sketchley

Renee Amanda Jane Carter you may like this

Shared Syl, this is incredible x

I will be watching

Vanessa Naumann Jess Naumann

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