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2 days ago

When people ask 'what's endometriosis?' I usually try explain it in the shortest & simplest way possible because I hate talking about it & I hate the effect it's had on me these past few years. So here's a more Visual description (photo in comments) & I feel it's pretty accurate to how women with endo feel majority of the time. There is no cure & the only treatment is to be cut open & cleaned out (sounds harsh but it's true). Then after you spend weeks recovering and regaining your stomach muscles you'll spend ridiculous amounts of money on specialists appointments. Where you'll be poked, prodded and violated. Only to then be told to take medication (hormones) or fall pregnant to ease the pain... Which aren't options I'm comfortable considering at this time in my life. There is so many young women out there living with this disease & some might not even know it yet. So if you know someone with Endo or any disease for that matter! Go out of your way to do something nice for them & make their day, because it's the little things in life that matter 💙 and if your an Endo sufferer. Just know your never alone 💕 ... See MoreSee Less

1 week ago

EndoActive Australia & NZ

Kate says that she "will never, ever reach her full potential". We think this brave, gutsy Canberra woman has already gone way beyond that point. We all know- don't we? - the daily challenge of juggling work, and home and that lying cheating bastard Endo. Just getting thru another day is sometimes like winning a marathon only hardly anyone is cheering you on. In Canberra, as we know, they make em tough. Go Kate we think you're a champ.

Gai Brodtmann
“I will never, ever, ever reach my potential.”

This week’s #CanDoWoman #EndoWarrior Kate Fisher bravely and candidly shares her struggle with this insidious disease. And, warning, this will make you cry.

Let’s #EndtheSilenceonEndo this #EndoMarch


EndoActive Australia & NZ

Endometriosis Australia

Pelvic Pain Foundation of Australia

QENDO - Endometriosis Association (Qld) Inc
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Gai Brodtmann


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And yet you are still here... making a difference, raising awareness and supporting others. Well done!

Thank you 😘😘



Tune into Hack on triple j THIS EVENING 5:30pm! I’ll be talkin about #endometriosis along with Minister for Health Greg Hunt. Let’s see what he has to say! Triple J. 105.7 5:30pm sydney time.
❤️👊🏽 Syl xx

Pelvic Pain Foundation of Australia
Endometriosis Australia
QENDO - Endometriosis Association (Qld) Inc
Canberra Endometriosis Network
Gai Brodtmann Nicolle Flint Member for Boothby Nola Marino MP Greg Hunt MP Catherine King
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Endo on Triple J Hack TONIGHT  5:30pm :)


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Lesley thinks the item was another crucial step forward to raising public awareness of Endo. Well done JJJ. You never know how your comments will be edited - Syl did her best to make points every woman needs to hear. The President of the AMA Dr Michael Gannon once again couldn’t help to disguise his sexist attitude. So female GPs will be able to fix it because after all they’re women and obviously will know how Endo feels and how to treat it. OMG who let this guy out of his cave?

Can't get triple j where I am

Thank you for all your hard work that you and your mum do for spreading awareness about endometriosis it’s greatly appreciated and its definitely getting the word out there finally thank you to you

This is going to be epic!! Couldnt be more grateful you guys x

Thanks for all you hard work, Syl. It's greatly appreciated by your fellow Endo. sisters. X

Good luck Syl! ♥️♥️♥️♥️

Damn i missed it

Drat I missed it

Sally Sullivan in car now

Tracey Sarah X

Clare Angel-Auld Carol Rowley Hirt Carla LaLa Emily Donnan

Good on you. After 30 years with endo I am loving this change in awareness. Thanks for all your awesome work!

Ellyn Bicknell

Belinda Daly

Robyn Eames


Kelly Brookes

Chris Tarran

Melly Tasovac

OMG, did the AMA just say being told to have baby to cure endometriosis only happened 20 or more years ago but doesn't happen any more!!

Hold him to his promises! Go Girl! We are all behind you xxx

Go syl 👏🏻👏🏻good luck thanks for being our voice ❤️

Triple J 99.3 in WA 👌

Will be turning in fo sho ✊🤙

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Happy International Women's Day, EndoActivists! This year's theme is #PressforProgress. Today we'd like to acknowledge all the women who have been pressing for change all over the world, but particularly for our cause - Endo Awareness - in Australia.

A huge thank you to YOU, our EndoActive community for being so supportive and positive. In the 4 years that we've been running this page, we've never experienced slandering, trolling or any of the arguing you often see in online communities.

This says a lot about our community - your community. We build each other up, never tear each other down. We cheer each other on and celebrate the wins together. We just adore you and on this day #IWD2018, want to remind you of the progress that the women at the forefront of endo awareness have made.

As you know, EndoActive Australia & NZ, Endometriosis Australia, QENDO - Endometriosis Association (Qld) Inc, Pelvic Pain Foundation of Australia, Canberra Endometriosis Network have formed the Australian Coalition for Endometriosis (ACE) and have joined together with Gai Brodtmann, Nicolle Flint Member for Boothby and Nola Marino MP to inform the government on want women with endo need. This is a brilliant example of the strength and power of women working together #girlpower.

Keep playing your part and supporting this page. We could not have made the progress we've made without you.

I took this video in Vancouver last year at the World Endometriosis Congress when we made a little day trip to Whistler. It truly summarises how we've felt at every win we've had along the way since 2014. From starting EndoActive in our living room alllllll the way to Parliament House baby!!!! What a wild an incredible ride we've shared together!!!


Syl & Lesley Freedman <3
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Way to go. Your achievements, enthusiasm and talents are outstanding. Congratulations to you all - great way to celebrate International Women’s Day.

Thank you again for the amazing job you do.

Love your work 💛

I thought I recognized godzilla!! Keep being amazing Syl! You are such an inspiration to all of us xoxo

That person screaming is a crazy person. Nice work, as always Syl Sunny Freedman. You do great things.


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3 weeks ago

Congratulations to EndoActive & Pius X Aboriginal Corp. and sponsors for your passion to bring a wonderful seminar to Moree today. Thank you to the specialist medical quest speakers who have imparted practical knowledge to empower us against the ‘enemy’ of Endometriosis...it’s not just a female disease it impacts men as well who have Endo women in their lives and their families. A refreshing group despite the topic. Thank you. ... See MoreSee Less

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It was an amazing experience!

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