Lesley Freedman

Lesley has an MA in Writing for Media and a Post Grad Diploma in Social Health.  She has worked in the media since leaving school in NZ. She was a single parent for 7 years after the birth of her first child.  She was a Director at ABC TV in Sydney for 12 years before becoming Co-Director of Change Focus Media with her partner Rod.  CFM is an independent production company that produces health and education video resources and documentaries. Lesley has been a voluntary Advocate for an intellectually and mentally disabled person for the last 16 years, helping him find secure, affordable housing, justice after being assaulted, better health outcomes and improving his quality of life.  She helped establish and was President of the ABC Child Care Centre at Gore Hill for 5 years. Lesley is passionate about social justice, equal opportunity and equal pay for women and improving the lives of women and girls with Endo.

Syl Freedman

Syl was born in Sydney in 1991 and attended Birchgrove Public Primary and SCEGGS Darlinghurst. During her gap year she was employed as a Summer Camp Counsellor/ Specialist Soccer Coach at Camp Harlam, Pennsylvania, USA.   Until her illness prevented her, she worked in hospitality while at uni, funding her backpacking through Europe, South East Asia, Mexico, Guatemala and Nicaragua. She completed  a Bachelor of Communications in Social Inquiry at UTS with a sub-major in Media Studies and is completing a Masters in Health Communication at Sydney University.  Throughout her secondary school and uni years Syl was plagued by various gynaecological disorders.  Syl was diagnosed with Stage 4 Endometriosis in June, 2012. Since then she has had two laparoscopic surgeries – her second was in April, 2014.  At age 23, she chose ovarian stimulation and egg freezing as a possible insurance against potential infertility. Syl blogs about her experiences at sylfreedman.com

Karin Eurell

Karin has a Bachelors Degree in Accounting and Finance, an Executive MBA from the AGSM and is a Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.  She has a background in international banking and finance including senior level roles in business strategy and risk management. Karin established DocTours Voluntary International Programs in 2012 to help medical professionals undertake short term voluntary work in developing countries.  Her experience in the not-for-profit sector includes directorships of the AMOS Fund, Rotary Club of Northbridge and is the Treasurer of Sailability Middle Harbour.

Daniella Costa

Danni grew up in Sydney and attended Macquarie University to obtain her teaching qualifications. She is a high school teacher in Sydney’s Upper North Shore in HSIE subjects including Geography and Business Studies.  She is also a Yr 9 Advisor.
She suffered for many years when she was a teenager with painful periods and was diagnosed with stage 4/5 endometriosis and dermoid cysts at the age of 20. Since then she has had multiple surgeries and multiple unsuccessful IVF attempts. Daniella is passionate about raising awareness of Endometriosis, particularly to teenagers so that other young women do not have to live in silence.

Rod Freedman

Rod  is an independent director and producer whose documentaries have won many Australian and international awards and screened in dozens of film festivals. Rod and his partner, Lesley run Change Focus Media  producing television documentaries, educational and informational videos for clients in health, education, university, industry and the arts. They have produced and directed a variety of half hour programs on rural and remote area health issues, especially focusing on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health initiatives. He was a board member of the Community Child Care Co-op and is a committee member of OzDox, promoting documentary filmmaking and associated issues.  Rod’s most recent film as producer is the multi-award winning documentary, Once My Mother.

Kathleen Peters

Kath is a scientist with a passion for reproductive health and wellbeing. For over 20 years, she has helped couples achieve their reproductive dreams by running successful IVF laboratories in Australia, South East Asia and the Middle East. She has also brought together key scientific and clinical leaders in Assisted Reproductive Technology with industry counterparts to facilitate the development and implementation of a range of technical, scientific and clinical strategies to ensure continued advancement in the field. More recently, Kath turned her attention to the enigmatic condition of Endometriosis and its associated pain. Kath recently completed her PhD candidate at The University of Sydney’s Medical School, investigating the biological and psychological contributors to the pain of the disease as well as the impact of the pain on a woman’s life. The aim is to identify the specific pain pathways activated in Endometriosis so that pain management can be targeted to those particular pathways.

James Prasad

James has a Bachelors Degree in Science and a Diploma in Laboratory Testing. He studied at the University of Western Sydney whilst working at Medlab Pathology in the Biochemistry and Endocrinology Department. James now looks after the laboratory’s toxicology department. James and his wife, Hitesha both worked and studied together at the same institutions. Early in their marriage, Hitesha was diagnosed with Endometriosis after suffering from a miscarriage. The pain that she endured during her periods made James feel lost and helpless. With their medical scientist backgrounds, they were both really shocked at how little the general public and even medical professionals understood about Endometriosis. They resorted to their own trial and error methods. Seeing Syl and Lesley on The Project in 2014 gave both James and Hitesha the courage to speak up about the problems they faced to their family and friends. James is passionate about raising awareness in ethnic groups where female gynaecological problems are not discussed openly.

Amanda Little

Amanda qualified as a Registered Nurse and expanded her experience to encompass aspects of health education and communication. She was Deputy CEO and Manager Education for five years of the Canberra based Rural Health Education Foundation. In this role, Amanda raising funds for, planned and produced satellite broadcast and online resources for rural and remote area health practitioners. She moved to become Managing Director of the Minerva Group, which specializes in health and safety before joining the Department of Immigration and Border Protection as Director Health Capability and Scrutiny.

Gillian Walker

Gillian and her husband Claude initiated an Endo support group in Mt Eliza, Victoria, motivated by their daughter’s sixteen year struggle with Endo. Gillian brings a broad range of experience in the health, business and community sectors to EndoActive, having worked as a registered nurse, midwife, educator, businesswoman and enthusiastic volunteer for a range of organisations. Currently the owner/director of an event management company, Gillian has owned and run a craft shop and a dressmaking and children’s clothing business. She has been an educator in Hospitality, planning and implementing a wide variety of programs, including specialised courses for the Australian Defence Force and students with disabilities.

Gretchen Carrigan – Statistician

Gretchen has Bachelors degrees in Science (statistics) and Economics and holds an MBA from INSEAD business school in France/Singapore. She has spent more than 8 years working on data and analytics projects that act as a catalyst for change. Her work has a strong emphasis on the people behind the data and has taken her into remote communities in Kenya, Indonesia, and Vietnam, as well as rural Australia. She has worked on projects spanning the science, agriculture, health and finance sectors. Gretchen has a particular interest in digital survey techniques and has worked with researchers from Harvard University to design and administer monitoring and evaluation surveys. Gretchen is an advisor to EndoActive.