WE WON! We’ve just heard from Bayer – thanks to more than 74,500 of you who signed our petition on change.org and wrote personal letters to Dr Jan Twomey, Bayer will release Visanne (Dienogest) in Australia early next year!

We’re absolutely amazed and thrilled. Together, we’ve changed the mind of one of the world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies and given tens of thousands of Australian women and girls access to another valuable treatment option for Endometriosis.

For over ten years, my 23 year old daughter Syl has experienced unpredictable and debilitating pain from Endo. She’s endured complex surgeries and traumatic recoveries and still faces the prospect of infertility. The many personal stories you shared in the comments of the petition about your own struggles with Endo touched us both deeply and clearly moved Bayer as well.

In just a few weeks, we’ve had huge publicity on Mamamia, the Glow, Daily Mail Online, Channel Ten’s the Project and ABC PM which helped make Endo an issue Bayer couldn’t afford to ignore. This victory means so much to us – knowing not only that there might be an alternative treatment for Syl and other women but that we have all raised awareness of this silent disease. 

This has been a huge win for women with Endo – but it won’t improve early diagnosis or provide the ongoing support and education we need. Here’s what’s next: in 2015, we, EndoActive, will hold the first national public conference on Endometriosis in Sydney. You’re welcome to attend. We will video this conference and it will be available to view free online.

Can you now donate a few dollars to help us achieve this goal while raising awareness, improving education and early diagnosis of Endometriosis for women and girls like Syl?

Click here to chip in to help us.

More info including special notes for our NZ supporters will be up on our website at EndoActive.org.au. in the next few days.

Thank you all again so much for your overwhelming support!

Lesley and Syl Freedman