My gynaecologist now has an adult colouring-in book in her waiting room. Such a cool idea. They’re meant to be relaxing and kind of meditative. (A fantastic form of distraction from pain if any of you are looking for something to do on the couch!).

I tried it out on Friday. The last time I coloured in was doing my travel journal 3 years ago in Mexico. Margaret on reception asked me, “How do you feel?”

I said, “My hand hurts”.

That’s what you get for spending too much time scrolling and tapping and not enough time being creative! Can’t wait to go back and see how my legacy on that piece of paper has been continued. (Some talented artist did the blue and purple flowers before me and I totally copied their style in pink).

Have you found something that distracts you from pain? Podcasts are my favourite. I discovered them after my first surgery and became OBSESSED! Mum got me onto knitting after my last surgery which was such a great distraction and cure for boredom.