Today is all about celebrating the achievements of women all over the world. Today is also about being aware of the inequities women experience in the world. Urgent action is still needed for gender equality to gain momentum.

I want to pay homage to fearless, strong women everywhere who are achieving fabulous things in every field. We still live in a man’s world in many ways and as women it’s not easy for us to break through the glass ceiling. But we’re doing it.

In particular I want to use today to celebrate EndoActive, to raise a glass for all of YOU and make a toast to the incredibly hard work women everywhere are doing to raise awareness of Endometriosis. I am so so proud of the EndoActive community we’ve created here together. We couldn’t have done it without all of you. We love that you mirror our energy, our passion and our goals.

A huge thanks to all of you for being the heart of EndoActive and encouraging us every step of this wild ride. There have been plenty of times where we’ve felt uncertain that anyone would listen to what we had to say and unsure if what we were doing was really going to make a difference. From your gorgeous, often sad but ultimately inspiring stories and messages of support to us over the past 18 months, we draw confidence and the motivation to keep going.

18 months ago EndoActive did not exist. Our first post on facebook had a post reach of 10. The next one reached 1000. Now we can reach over 80,000 people in a week. That is all thanks to your activity on our page. Your likes, comments and shares go such a long way. They push the information we provide out further and further so that more and more people learn about Endo. You’re all EndoActivists and deserve to be celebrated. What we have achieved TOGETHER is bloody incredible.

Here’s to all of us. Have a sassy day everyone.