A catch 22 so many of us face when living with Endo…our experience of pain can often feel much worse when we’re tired because our defences are down and we haven’t had enough rest.

But at the same time, getting adequate rest and sleep is often impossible if pain is keeping you up at night or medications, stress or anxiety are causing insomnia.

I’ve experienced this plenty of times before. It’s a chicken or the egg situation and there’s not always an easy solution. But understanding the importance of a good night’s sleep and figuring out ways of managing sleep is essential.

It could be acupuncture, some form of exercise or stretching, eating the right foods and avoiding caffeine or dark chocolate before bed, meditating or deep breathing, avoiding devices such as mobile or laptop before bed, taking pain relief before it gets on top of you, drinking herbal tea…

It’s a hard road but there are plenty of things to try.

What advice can you give to other Endo Sisters‬ to help get a good night’s sleep?