Claudia Powell has bravely shared what it’s like to live with multiple chronic illnesses. Not just Endo but also POTS and Gastroparesis.

Claudia, you poor, poor thing. What an awful lot you’ve been through for someone so young who should just be free and exploring where the rest of your life will take you. What I admire so much about Claudia is that despite her awful situation, she is staying incredibly positive and has found a way of helping others through her blog – Sick & Tired, Living with Chronic Illness at 19.

Finding something that gives you purpose while you’re at your lowest ebb is incredibly empowering. It has such a positive effect on the brain and I believe can really help restore your strength, energy and passion even if you feel you’ve lost it.

Like Claudia, I also found a sense of purpose through blogging and through EndoActive. Finding meaning in something seemingly senseless is weird but beautiful and if it means you can help other feel less alone, then what a huge achievement.

Congratulations Claudia on this article. Keep doing what you’re doing – you’ve inspired me today and I’m sure thousands of others. I cannot even imagine what you have to go through each day but your attitude is absolutely brilliant. GO YOU!!