I am absolutely astounded that news.com.au have actually published such an informative (and I’m sure confronting to some) piece of health communication that actually says the words ‘vagina’ and ‘painful sex’ in the title. Wow! For mainstream media? That is amazing and a huge step forward.

This article is about using botox to treat a painful condition similar to Vaginismus.

I’ve been reading more articles about vaginismus, pudendal nerve entrapment and vulvodynia this year, which is great. Mamamia have been particularly amazing at publishing so many articles on gynae issues that are reaching so many people.

This publicity is absolutely fantastic. Well done news.com.au and fantastic work by the author, Harriet Farkash. I had the pleasure of meeting Harriet at the Cosmopolitan Australia awards last year. Thank you Harriet for this article and helping to de-stigmatise women’s gynaecological health issues – the last taboo of our society. Keep it up, sister!

Have a read and have a great weekend. Thanks Women’s Health and Research Institute of Australia for the article!