I’m 24 years old originally from Queensland. Since the first time I had got my period when I was 13 they have always been irregular heavy and painful and my periods would last 7-9 days. I thought it was normal as I never heard of Endometriosis until I was 20. My mum seeing the pain I would go through first thought it was just a normal period and I was overacting but finally when I turned 16 she took me to the doctors to find out what could be done for me. The doctor simply told me my body is still going through and adjusting to puberty so he put me on the pill to help regulate my period. I had put up with the pain and heavy periods thinking it was just normal.

When I turned 18 I noticed that when my chick mates had their period they weren’t curled up in bed from pain, didn’t have heat packs on their tummys, didn’t find it hard to move around without dropping to the floor curling up waiting for the sharp pains to stop or taking panadol every 4 hrs like I did. So I went back to the doctors and asked what could help me with the pain I go through. I saw about 5 doctors over 2 years who just told me it’s normal and to take panadol for the pain.

Finally I found a doctor who explained Endometriosis to me and that I could possibly have it and because I was on the pill I could have my period every 3 months instead of every month so I wouldn’t be in so much pain. For 2 yrs I had tried different pain relief medications prescribed by my doctor. But nothing worked no matter how strong the medication was it didn’t help me at all. He had me on blood thinners to try and help the heavy bleeding, he put me on muscle relaxers to see if the pain would calm down if my muscles were relaxed. I lost count of all the ultrasounds external and internal ones I had to have, all the blood tests I had to go for. I felt like a pin cushion.

At the end of 2013 I was referred to the hospital to see a gynaecologist. I waited 5-6 months for an appointment. I waited another 4 and a half months for my surgery. The Gyny told me I had 5 spots of Endometriosis in-between my uterus and bladder. After they burnt those parts off they put a camera in my uterus to have a look at my tubes then put a mirena in. He then told me with Endometriosis there is no cure. Surgery is a temporary thing which means I will get it back maybe in 6 days or a couple of weeks or months or even years.

In the first 2 months I noticed I had gained 13.5kgs and I felt ok. The pain wasn’t as bad. The mirena helped with the heavy periods. I thought it wasn’t too bad until one day I got the excruciating pain back which made me drop to the floor crying waiting for the pain to ease a little so I could go lay in bed. I lay on the kitchen floor 15 minutes before I could get up. I knew right then it was back.

The next week was my follow up appointment with the gynaecologist. I told him what had happened but he really didn’t seem that worried about it just prescribed me more pain relief that didn’t help and told me the weight gain was me eating to much and referred me to a dietician.

The next month I was under stress due to a family matter which caused me to get my period. I bled for 9 and half weeks straight. It was out of control. Around the 6th week I had another appointment with the gynaecologist and I told him I wanted the mirena out. 2 weeks later I had it removed and went back on the pill. My doctor told me the pain I experienced 2 months after my surgery means my Endometriosis is back but I wont be able to have another surgery for at least 2 years.

I am back on the pill and I have my period every 3 months like before my surgery. I have had really bad migraines unusual spotting and pains when I’m on my active pill. I never had this before my surgery.

I am now living in a new town where my new doctor is really good. I had to tell him about my Endometriosis. He hasn’t had a patient with this before so he wanted to know what it is that I am going through and ways he can help me out. I have a diary where I keep note of my pain and periods. I started this after I had my surgery.

I have been referred to the hospital to have another surgery. The doctor got me to go back for more ultrasounds, blood tests and all of that to send with the referral to the hospital. In one of the ultrasounds he found out that I now have a hernia as well which could have been caused from my first surgery so now I’m waiting for 2 surgeries instead of one.

I have battled with depression for 12 years. When I was told about Endometriosis and that I may not be able to have kids I felt like my world had disappeared. It came crashing down in front of my eyes. I’ve always wanted to have a family. But I have read letters from other girls and they have had children so I know its not 100% I can’t have any.

I just want other girls to know you can’t give up on hope. You always need hope in your life. Life can be a bitch butI will never lose hope. Endometriosis can KISS MY ASS lol. Thank you for reading. Sorry it’s so long.