Hey EndoActivists. On Monday night there was a 45 minute segment on Endometriosis on Tony Delroy’s Nightlife on 702 ABC Sydney. It was so exciting!

Tony interviewed Dr Susan Evans from Pelvic Pain Foundation of Australia, Kate Young from Monash University and Gabrielle Jackson from The Guardian. They were all fantastic. EndoActive got a few mentions which was great and you’ll hear me on there towards the end. Well done to Susan, Kate & Gab. And thank you ABC. Make sure you have a listen!

You can listen to the podcast through the ABC Radio app. Download the app on your iphone. Look under ‘ABC Local’ then ‘Nightlife with Tony Delroy’ to find the podcast.

Here’s the link to listen on laptop/desktop computer. Unfortunately doesn’t work for phones (Use the ABC Radio podcast app to listen on your phone).