When Tamra returned to the GP for her ultrasound results he was away. She was terrified by what his replacement told her. This is Tamra’s story. 

I have had excruciating periods my whole life. The first year of my periods I had extreme pain, heavy bleeding and I would miss a week of school each month and near fainting as well. I thought this was all normal of course, so put up with it for many years.

Three years ago I had a burst cyst while I was at work. After ultrasounds that didn’t show anything, my gynecologist diagnosed me clinically with endometriosis from all the symptoms I had. She suggested a contraceptive pill and would monitor me.

The pill gave me constant pms symptoms: month long cramps and tender breasts so I stopped taking it. This turned out to be a horrible mistake as in the last three years my body had been happily growing endo and is now causing lots of problems.

In October 2015 I got such an excruciating period I was not able to get up from my desk at work. I somehow made it to my GP and told him I needed an ultrasound as I was sure it would now show endometriosis. He was great and arranged it all. Unfortunately it showed that I had a large endometrioma cyst on my right ovary.

When I went back to my GP for these results he was unfortunately unavailable so I had to see another doctor in the same medical centre. Big mistake. He told me that it looked like I had cancer and that I was lucky I had found it so early. That’s when I stopped listening in absolute sheer fear. Cancer? What?!?! Needless to say it was the scariest day of my life.

When I saw my gynecologist a few days later and told her this she was so angry. She took one look at my scans and was pretty certain it was not malignant but ordered blood tests for my peace of mind. A big hug from her as I left made me feel a little better.

Everything came back okay and my surgery was booked in. I only had to wait two weeks with my ongoing pain to have the surgery. The cyst removal went well but more endo was found. I have it on my bowel, under my uterus, on my left ovary, a nodule on my left ovary, endo near my urethra and a deep seated nodule there as well. I also have a lesion and nodule near my right ovary. It’s now 11 weeks post op and I am still in absolute excruciating, spasmy pain. I’ve now been referred to an Endo specialist and I’m waiting to have a deep pelvic ultrasound so he can see my Endo and check if it’s in my bowel.

I am also starting visanne and am now taking endone at night and panadeine extra through the day to attempt to break my pain cycle. He is trying to delay a second surgery for as long as possible.

The constant pain is so bad that it has taken over my life. I double over in spasms of pain all the time and my whole body jolts. I have to walk slowly and there are many times when I am limping or unable to walk at all. I have to leave work to come home a lot because I am crying or struggling to walk. I feel so isolated at home curled up on my couch with my heat bag attached to me and crying so much.

I feel bad because I’m unable to commit to any plans with my friends. I couldn’t even attend my best friend’s birthday a few weeks ago. I’m so exhausted and worn out. I can’t drive far. I can’t date. Everyone at work keeps asking if I’m feeling better as I look like crap and when I say no they don’t know what to say.

I’m trying to stay strong but god it’s hard. I literally dream about pain free days. I find hope in reading others experiences and knowing I’m not alone. It makes such a big difference knowing I’m not the only one who feels this way. I have no idea how this Endo path my life is talking right now will go but I know I will cope a little easier knowing I have Endo sisters out there.

I am so thankful for your page and what you have done for Endo sufferers by sharing our stories.

The EndoActive dvd has helped so much!! Listening to all those specialists and all of the information has truly been a godsend. I really needed to information and it made me feel not so alone as well… EndoActive truly are helping women so much more than you know. Thank you for sharing and bringing so much awareness to this disease.
Sending love to you and all our Endo warriors.