There is exciting new research showing that the immune system is affected by chronic pain. For me and I’m sure for many of you, we know that chronic disease like Endometriosis (and so many others) that cause chronic pain have a MAJOR effect on the immune system.

When I was at my sickest with Endo, I couldn’t understand why the rest of my body seemed to be falling apart as well. It wasn’t just pelvic and back pain… it was fatigue, digestive disorders, a stomach bug that wouldn’t go away, chronic sinus infections, a parasite that wreaked havoc on my body, migraines, skin allergies, warts on my feet (I would rather talk publicly about my bowel movements than warts on my feet so this is a big deal for me to admit…thank god they vanished when my health improved) hay fever, the flu… the list goes on. I was falling apart and had at least 8 different ailments giving me grief every day.

The worse my Endo became, the more my immune system seemed to shut down. Or was it the other way around? As I have gradually clawed my way back to great health, I notice I don’t have these other problems anymore. My immune system is stronger and I (mostly) live without pain. I’m a happier person. There is no doubt a link between Endo and the immune system. I often wonder if Endo is caused by dodgy immune system or if Endo is what gives us a dodgy immune system. A chicken or the egg type scenario.

All fun stuff to think about but more importantly, we have to learn how to get on top of pain before it becomes chronic and how to protect ourselves as best we can if the pain does become chronic. Having lived with chronic pain for years and come out the other side (hopefully forever), I am proof that it IS possible! It’s certainly not easy or straightforward and it’s a confusing and bloody hard road but it is possible.

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And thank you Pain Australia for the article.