New members to this blog may be unaware that we started EndoActive after successfully campaigning to have a drug used to treat Endometriosis made available here in Australia. It is available in some countries overseas.

We still get EndoActivists telling us they hadn’t heard of Visanne and are looking for another treatment option. As with all medications, it won’t agree with some, and has had fantastic results for others (myself included).

For the record, we are not peddling this drug but most women who are currently taking it have had to inform their doctor about it and ask them for the prescription, not the other way around. That’s what I call ‘patient power groundswell’.

Achieving this was a huge milestone for us – have a read to find out about Visanne and how this began!

Like, comment & share to spread the word. Thanks Mamamia and The Glow for your ongoing support. And thank you Bayer for listening to us and the needs of our community!