Yesterday I got notice of a collaboration between pharmaceutical company Bayer and Evotec regarding treatment of Endo.

With not much other information it’s easy to be cynical of this news. Of course it won’t be a cure.
Of course both parties will be interested in making a profit – such is the way of the world. And that’s ok.
I’m not sure whether this treatment option will be helpful or not. Let’s hope that it is.

BUT – I’m so so excited by this news because it is a sign that Endo is being recognised as a serious health issue costing billions of dollars in lost productivity a year. It shows that big pharma is willing to put money into Endo and without their financial support and investment, no progress will be made. As a close friend of our told me on the phone this morning – researchers and scientists can beaver away doing their wonderful work all their lives but without funding, that research and science will stay in the universities and the labs. It will stay in silos.


I am hoping that with the financial investment Bayer has put into a new treatment, they will hopefully be more likely to put funding for Corporate Social responsibility into organisations providing patient information on Endo. I remain hopeful and optimistic.

To me this is a huge step forward – to have endometriosis publicised in black and white and conversations on Endo happening in the pharma world internationally. It’s fantastic. It’s great for our cause.

To me it doesn’t matter what the intentions are because it is pushing Endo further into the spotlight. It’s a BIG push.

It’s in people’s minds. It’s on the agenda. Others will follow suit.

This week, a lot of public discussion WILL be happening about Endo and that is a direct goal of EndoActive’s.

Dr Mario Polywka, Chief Operating Officer of Evotec, said in one article: “We are very pleased to report this exciting progress in our endometriosis collaboration with Bayer. The progression of this programme into clinical development is a significant achievement for the alliance. We look forward to continued success within the alliance as we strive to deliver new therapeutics for the treatment of this disease with significant unmet medical need.”

As always, I appreciate your thoughts & opinions. Start conversations! Get people talking about Endo!

Syl x x

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