Hey EndoActivists,

Tonight we’re getting all dressed up with our fingers and toes crossed, hoping to take home an award at the 2016 Prime Awards. We’re amazed to have made it into the final round and incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved to get us there.

EndoActive has been nominated for ‘best public health initiative’.

Our initiative is the conference on Endometriosis that we held in May last year – an Australian first – and the educational videos on Endo that we’ve produced and distributed all over the world.
You can buy the DVD here.
Or watch & download the videos online here.

Two years ago my Mum, Lesley and I were totally in the dark about Endo. We were scared, confused, depressed and completely uninformed about this disease. Then we became determined to change things – not just for ourselves – but for everyone living with Endo. We felt so frustrated by the lack of information.

That’s when Lesley decided we’d hold a conference on Endo for health care professionals AND patients like us. Why?

Because globally, there is a diagnostic delay of 8+ years from first presentation of symptoms to a doctor to a diagnosis of Endo. This is largely due to lack of awareness and understanding of the disease.

We wanted to give everyone the opportunity to learn all the important information about Endo that we aren’t given at hospital or by our health care professionals.
And this was the result.

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We have incredibly stiff competition tonight!

We are up against pharmaceutical companies and advertising agencies who have serious money behind them and years of experience in their fields.

Their campaigns are no doubt fantastic but in my mind, we’ve already won. EndoActive has come such a long way in only 2 years and the best part is – we’ve got to share every step with all of you – our amazing, vibrant, loyal supporters.

All of us together have built the most wonderful community of women (and some blokes!) cheering each other on and facing life with this disease together.

As a community, EndoActive is making a big difference. We are so strong together and I’m so incredibly proud of all of us (getting tearful). We’re a force.

We want to thank all of you – our EndoActivists – for sticking by us and helping us to start conversations about Endo. You’ve given us the confidence to do some pretty ballsy things! (We’ll be seeing Bayer at the awards tonight by the way… they’re nominated in a different category. How funny that we’ve gone form holding a flimsy placard in their courtyard and posting it on the internet to sipping champers at the Hilton with them tonight!)

You have all made our lives so much richer and every win for EndoActive is a win for us all.

THANK YOU !!  Wish us luck and watch this space!

Love, Syl & Lesley Freedman  x x x x x
Co-founders EndoActive

PS   Here’s who we’re up against: