Dear EndoActivists, you often ask us about diet and Endometriosis. I’m posting this article about dietary suggestions to reduce inflammation but remember, we aren’t dieticians so we don’t endorse it. An anti-inflammatory diet does help – refer to the this video by Dr Natasha Andreadis on our website.

I am always a bit suspicious when dietary or “nutritional” advice is accompanied by an ad for some kind of supplement. Having Endo is really expensive – especially if you’re finding it difficult to hold down a job when you’re unwell. The last thing you need is another jar of pills that cost a bundle and end up down the toilet anyway.

This article mentions “endometriosis triggers.” I think this is referring to “inflammation” triggers.

Also Syl has found that avoiding gluten can help a lot. And exercise is essential: even walking will help. Tell us what you have found to be helpful.