Will medicinal Cannabis help relieve the pain of Endometriosis?
Tori is one of our EndoActivists and she’s been doing some research. Here’s what she’s found:

“I have endometriosis and standard pain treatment (surgeries, pain meds, physio etc) has not worked adequately for me. This is why medical cannabis looks like a good option to help manage my daily pain. Medical cannabis (made correctly) doesn’t get you “high” – instead it can help reduce the daily pain from conditions such as endometriosis.

On August 1 2016 the NSW laws for medical cannabis were changed so that more people can access this healing medicine. Prior to August 1, it was only people with terminal illnesses and epilepsy who could legally access medical cannabis in NSW. Now there is no limitation on the conditions for which a cannabis-based product may be prescribed. Each application from a prescribing doctor will be considered on its merits and must be accompanied by clinical evidence about use of the product to allow for an assessment of potential benefits and harms. It will also be expected that approved standard medicine or non-medicine treatments have already been utilised for the patient.

This could be great news for women living with chronic pain from endometriosis. There is strict criteria and if your application form is approved, it will be approximately January 2017 that you can access it legally according to the latest media releases. So, the first step is putting together an application form with your medical practitioner. The more women with endometriosis who put in an application form for pain management from medical cannabis, the more the NSW government will see how many of us want to reduce our pain in order to have a better quality of life”

– Tori



Here is a Link to a heap of Australian research papers: http://www.leafcann.com.au/resources/