Just another reason why I’m OBSESSED with Lena Dunham. She’s turned her endo scars into tattoo art while paying tribute to skateboarding champion Laura Thornhill Caswell.
I have no idea who that is but I am ALL about celebrating successful women – particularly female athletes who are truly living in a man’s world in the sporting industry. Go Laura.
Whether you like the tat or not – it is undeniably cool in my opinion. Lena’s scar acts as a solid ground for Laura to land her trick on.
To me it embodies so much meaning and its a metaphor – for strength, character-building, creating meaning and positivity out of something awful and that endo is at our foundation but does not define who we are.
We are still being ourselves and doing cool tricks and enjoying life despite having endo. We’re ‘overriding’ endo – riding right over the top of it – just like Laura in Lena’s tattoo.
What a remarkable illustration of feminism, of girl power, and of resilience all in one image. Kinda feel like getting one myself!
Syl x x