Hey EndoActivists, check out this article by Van Badham. She has reiterated so many of my exact thoughts on why the funding injection from the Victorian Government into Jean Hailes for Women’s Health and Endo is so worthy of celebration.

For many people, some online brochures may not seem like a big deal – it may even seem like a disappointment. Of course we want more and for those of us who live with endo we wish that in 2016 we were much further ahead – that the leaps were much bigger.

But the progress that I have seen since I started campaigning for #endometriosis awareness two years ago is significant. Australian media have shown they care. The spike in media mentions of endo since 2014 has been massive.

We have a new treatment available to us – Visanne – to help manage endo thanks to our petition and all of you signing it. The Guardian have been particularly instrumental in around 20 high calibre articles on endo being circulated internationally within the last year. The awards EndoActive has received shows our work and Endo as a serious health condition is being publicly recognised.

The Victorian government’s announcement shows progress. It proves that things are changing and that there’s room for more campaigning and more positive responses. To me, this is a big deal. Jean Hailes have done wonderful thing and it is worth celebration.

Thank you again To Van Badham for writing this piece and for expressing so much of what many of us are feeling. I didn’t know Van had endo, but it’s women and influencers like her that we need to get our message out there; to change the way women with endo are treated and to ensure endo starts to be taken seriously.

Endo is not just “women’s troubles”. The pain is not “all in your head”.