Hey EndoActivists,

Going gluten free was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my health. I have banged on about how important diet is for Endo quite frequently over the past 2 years and I still maintain that it is what helps me the most to feel my best. What I eat has a huge impact on how I feel every day.

Your choice for every meal you eat will affect your gut, energy, mood, sleep, possibly your skin, allergies…the list goes on.

So many girls with Endo complain of terrible bloating. This is a problem I used to have as well. It was shocking how huge my stomach would become and so painful / gassy / tight / uncomfortable. Like I was carrying a belly full of hot rocks.

Going gluten free and following an anti-inflammatory diet has just been the best thing for my Endo pain and my general health. I cannot recommend it enough.

The cool thing is that GF has become rather trendy so it’s getting much easier to order food at restaurants and buy food at the shops that will agree with you.

For example: Latina now does GF Agnolotti which I ate last night with broccolini, lemon and a little bit of Parmesan covered in olive oil.

AND I’m able to eat Weetbix again!! I put mine with Zymil milk (lactose free) and microwave for 30 seconds. Then top with plain yogurt, berries, honey and cinnamon.

GF doesn’t mean boring and doesn’t mean losing the foods you love!

Who here has found certain dietary changes has helped their Endo pain?

Syl 😘

PS I wish I could say this was a sponsored post but it isn’t!