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We can’t wait to see you in Sydney on September 9 at the Charles Perkins Centre at the University of Sydney. The 2017 EndoActive Endometriosis Conference Program will be sent to you when finalised. The Conference is in association with the Pelvic Pain Foundation of Australia and supported by The University of Sydney.

Topics & Presenters include:

  • SELF MANAGEMENT- HOW?  Deborah Bush, CEO Endometriosis NZ
  • LAPAROSCOPY & BEYOND Dr Susan Evans, Gynaecologist, Laparoscopic Surgeon, Specialist Pain Medicine Physician and Chair of the Pelvic Pain Foundation of Australia
  • MEDICAL CANNABIS & PAIN  Justin Sinclair, United in Compassion
  • SEX, INTIMACY & ENDO  Nina Booysen, Relationship Counsellor, Sexologist
  • FERTILITY FITNESS  Dr Anne Clark, OBGYN and Medical Director of Fertility First
  • IMAGING, MRI & ULTRASOUND  Dr Kate Stone, OBGYN, sonologist, ultrasound specialist & Dr Natalie Young, Radiologist, Women’s Imaging and MRI
  • HORMONES & THE PILL  Dr Terri Foran, Sexual Health Physician
  • PAIN AND THE BRAIN  Dr Meredith Craigie, Anaesthetist and specialist pain medicine physician
  • GUTS & ENDO  Dr Rebecca Burgell, Gastroenterologist
  • PHYSIO & ENDO Heba Shaheed, Physiotherapist and nuritionist
  • JUST GO AND HAVE A BABY?  Syl Freedman, Co-founder, EndoActive
  • ENDO VOICES  Lesley Freedman, Co-founder, EndoActive

A whole day to meet others with Endo, share experiences, and network with colleagues.  Talking and learning about what works and what doesn’t. You’ll hear stories from women with Endo and ideas and advice from people who spend their lives treating or researching this bloody awful disease.

EndoActive is a not-for-profit Health Promotion Charity committed to raising awareness of Endo. We advocate for the thousands living with Endo and pelvic pain; we promote early diagnosis and encourage the sharing of information between health professionals and their patients. We believe that the more you know about Endo the better prepared you’ll be to manage your symptoms and reclaim your life!

We believe that the more health care professionals understand about how it feels to have Endo, the better prepared they’ll be to treat their patients. We believe in sharing information. See you on September 9!

Early Bird registrations go into the draw for our “Endo Pack” valued at $600.

  • This includes Laser Clinics Australia vouchers
  • Minimink faux fur blanket, cushion and hot water bottle cover set