The cost of endometriosis in Australia

A report for EndoActive

About the report

The impact of endometriosis extends beyond the personal pain and distress experienced by the patient. It impacts on her partner, her family and community interactions and on her education and career, sexual relationships, fertility and mental and psychosocial health. We are well aware of the many ways that endo has shattered dreams, disrupted lives and trapped hundreds of thousands of women in the clutches of chronic pelvic pain and other debilitating physical symptoms that can ultimately lead to despair, isolation and poverty.

EndoActive understands that endo affects not only women and girls but also transgender, non-binary, and gender-diverse people assigned female at birth. Data for these other people has not been available for the purposes of this report. Understanding how endo impacts the Australian economy underpins the objectives in The National Action Plan for Endometriosis 2018 and supports strategies that will lead to better health outcomes for patients and research that will perhaps ultimately lead to a cure.


Endometriosis, the estimated economic impact

The cost of endometriosis in Australia — A report for EndoActive/Infographic.

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