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Why we chose our supporter – EllaEase…

EndoActive’s advocacy and support for Australian and NZ women suffering from Endometriosis links beautifully to the Australian Made EllaEase TENS machine.

EllaEase is suitable for the relief of primary period pain and the emotional symptoms of PMS and, when advised by your doctor or physiotherapist, as an aid to the management of endometriosis pain. The EllaEase Kit contains everything you need to start a TENS therapy pain relief and relaxation program.

This TENS machine is accurately programmed with 3 effective modes for optimal analgesic and muscle relaxing physical therapy:

RELIEVE – for a combination of pain gating pain relief and release of beta-endorphin. RELIEVE mode is used by most people most of the time. It is very comfortable and comforting.

EASE – for release of muscle tension and relaxation of over-active muscle contractions. EASE mode is recommended for tense muscles of the pelvic floor.

RELAX – for beta-endorphin release, long lasting pain relief, relaxation and circulation.

EllaEase support EndoActive through regular donations that help us raise awareness and better support women with Endo.

Learn more about EllaEase Endo treatments.