EndoActive Shared Perspectives

Endometriosis, a chronic painful disease, can be effectively managed but requires varied interventions. These videos feature experienced specialists and a wide range of patient interviews. Whether you’re a health professional or a person living with Endo, you’ll benefit from this evidence-based information. What is the gold standard surgery? How should pain be treated? Can diet, physiotherapy or counselling help? What about fertility? How to relieve painful intercourse? All these topics and more are addressed by these high quality videos. These resources are supported by a grant from the Australian Government Department of Health.

Endometriosis and pelvic pain

The ‘big picture’ of endometriosis. Pain and endo don’t always go together, but so often do – and it’s not just period pain. Dr Susan Evans – a gynaecologist, laparoscopic surgeon and author of ‘Endometriosis and Pelvic Pain’ – illustrates how lesions can be seen in the pelvis and removed in laparoscopic surgery.

Physiotherapy and pelvic pain

How can physiotherapy relieve the pain of endometriosis? Pelvic pain can result in reactive muscle contraction. The management of overactivity of the pelvic floor and external pelvic muscles aims to help patients with persistent pelvic pain. Addressing the sensitivity of the nervous system explains the persistent pain experience and provides opportunity to reconceptualise pain for both the clinician and patient.

Early diagnosis of menstrual disturbance

When is period pain not normal? Melissa Parker RN addresses two main topics. Identifying and diagnosing endometriosis and other causes of pelvic pain – and the early treatment and long term management of endometriosis in teenagers.

Ultrasound and MRI for endometriosis

Can MRIs and ultrasounds detect Endometriosis? Do you need a scan before a laparoscopy? Dr Kate Stone is an obstetrician gynaecologist with speciality qualifications in ultrasound imaging. Dr Natalie Yang is a consultant radiologist with sub-specialty interests in women’s imaging and MRI.

Psychology, mindfulness and living with endo

 Dr. Paula Watkins, a clinical psychologist and Syl Freedman, co-founder of EndoActive, outline a holistic psychological treatment programme for managing endometriosis. Dr Watkins describes how she worked with Syl, using cognitive-behavioural and positive psychology and mindfulness to help her cope with endometriosis. Syl explains how that treatment has benefited her in many aspects of her life.

The immune system, inflammation and endometriosis

Endometriosis is considered to be an inflammatory condition and autoimmune condition. Dr Alison Hey-Cunningham outlines immune aspects of endometriosis which can be harnessed to inform lifestyle and diet choices and reduce inflammation.

Endometriosis in primary care

What should you expect when being cared for by your GP? What are realistic expectations? What is a ‘patient centred medical home’ and what does this mean for ‘me’, my family and my doctors? Can we improve the timely diagnosis of endometriosis and access to evidence based care?

Endometriosis and the bowel

An overview of the risk factors, symptoms , diagnosis and treatment of endometriosis. Dr. Cherry Koh is a Colorectal Surgeon and one of the clinical leads for colorectal research at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.

Fertility fitness

Is endometriosis always to blame for infertility? Are women always responsible if there are problems? There are simple ways to improve your pregnancy odds. Dr Anne Clark is an obstetrician and gynaecologist specialising in fertility and reproductive medicine. She is also Director of Fertility First.

Medical management of endometriosis

Dr Kim Matthews discusses the medical management of endometriosis, a mainstay of treatment when used in conjunction with appropriate surgical treatment. The aim is for optimum quality of life whilst minimising the effect of the disease and the side effects of treatment. Progestins (oral, depot, subdermal and intrauterine preparations), oral contraceptive pills (combined oestrogen and progesterone), GnRH Agonists, aromatase inhibitors and neuromodulators are discussed in detail.

Central sensitisation, pain and the brain

The neuroscience of pain and central sensitisation. How does chronic pain develop? Do opioids help? Dr Meredith Craigie is a specialist pain medicine physician and a foundation member of the Pelvic Pain Foundation of Australia.

Laparoscopy and beyond

Dr Susan Evans, gynaecologist, laparoscopic surgeon and author of ‘Endometriosis and Pelvic Pain’ explains laparoscopic surgery. What happens during a laparoscopy? Is surgery the only answer to Endo? What should you do afterwards?

Medicinal cannabis

What is medical cannabis? Could it provide alternative effective pain relief for Endo? Justin Sinclair is a Research Fellow at the National Institute of Complementary Medicine at Western Sydney University and Head of the Australian Medicinal Cannabis Research & Education Collaboration.

Endo and the workplace

How well is endometriosis understood in the workplace by employers and colleagues? Reluctance to discuss women’s health issues at work can cause stigma and misperceptions for people living with endo

Sex, intimacy & endo

Is sex painful for you? A candid discussion on ways to manage intimacy, pain and endometriosis. Nina Booysen, a couples counsellor and accredited Clinical Sexologist, has a passion for helping couples who are battling illness, sexual dysfunction or struggling to remain in their relationships. She has trained in gender diversity and supports clients from the LGBTQI community.

Just go have a baby?

Will getting pregnant cure Endo? Syl Freedman, Co-founder of EndoActive, examines the impact of this mythical advice on thousands of young women with endometriosis. Syl Freedman was diagnosed with Stage 4 Endometriosis in 2012. She and her mother, Lesley Freedman, co-founded EndoActive in 2014 to raise awareness of endo, provide information and advocate on behalf of people living with endo. Syl has a Bachelor of Communications in Social Inquiry and a Master of Health Communication from Sydney University.

Endometriosis and fertility

Professor Geoff Reid discusses the effect of ovarian endometriosis on fertility. Laparoscopic excision of endometriomas (ovarian endometriosis) has been regarded as “gold standard” treatment to improve symptomatology and natural fertility. The negative side is that excision of ovarian endometriosis may actually cause irreparable harm to the ovary.

Digestion, diet and endometriosis

A gastroenterologist gets to the guts of endo, bloating and pain. Does diet make a difference? Dr Rebecca Burgell is a consultant gastroenterologist with an interest in pelvic floor dysfunction and functional gastrointestinal disorders. Dr Burgell works at Alfred Health and Monash University, where she is head of the Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders Service.

Hormonal contraception and endometriosis

Busting the myths of medical management of Endo. How does the Pill affect Endo? Can stopping your period help or harm you? Dr Terri Foran is a Sexual Health Physician with a special interest in contraception and menopause issues. Previously the Medical Director of Family Planning NSW, she is now in clinical practice. Terri is also engaged in both clinical and research work at the Royal Hospital for Women in Sydney. She is a lecturer at the University of New South Wales in the School of Women’s and Children’s Health.